Your Safety

Active Flight enjoys an untarnished safety record and takes all aspects of flying very seriously.  Like any form of flying there is a serious side to this sport and here at Active Flight we emphasise safety at all times.  Our extensive flying experience gives us the edge to ensure you enjoy the sport of paragliding as much as we do.  Here is what some of our clients had to say about Active Flight and our attention to your safety:

John Langmead,  Barrister, Melbourne, Vic

“I was impressed with the thoroughness of the training you and AJ gave the group, and the emphasis on safety consciousness.  I used to work as a flying instructor in general aviation, and I recall that the instructor’s task was to develop 4 things: Skills, Knowledge, airmanship and confidence…..  It struck me that you and AJ give proper attention the these important elements, with the result of cautious, competent, confident and safe beginners, well equipped to continue learning with less direct supervision.”