SIV Course

The aim of SIV course is to teach you about the handling characteristics of your wing at the edges of its flight envelope. What it feels like just prior to an unstable situation and how to make the correct inputs if it does become unstable. SIV should also teach you to recognise when a situation is hopeless and the only option is to deploy your reserve. SIV IS NOT designed to teach you how to fly beyond the normal flight envelope of the glider.


Duration – 2 days.

Dates – Not conducting SIV at this stage.

Price –

Location – Waranga Basin approximately 2 hours from Melbourne (Near Shepparton).

Day 1

  • Early morning meeting to discuss first tow
  • Complete first tow per pilot with video
  • Theory and video analysis
  • Lunch
  • Preparation for second tow
  • Complete one tow per pilot
  • Theory and video analysis

Day 2

  • Morning briefing for third tow
  • Complete one tow per pilot
  • Theory and video analysis
  • Course summary

Included in course:

  • Tow equipment
  • Two boats present. (One for towing and a backup for rescue.)
  • Buoyancy vests
  • Three boat tows to approx 500m
  • Theory sessions
  • DVD of manoeuvres

The manoeuvres covered will be staged from easy to more difficult. Pilots will not be made to fly any that they are not comfortable with.

They will include:

  • B-line stalls
  • Spiral dives
  • Wingovers
  • Asymmetric and symmetric collapses
  • All the above with speed bar
  • Stall and spin appreciation

(Pilots with appropriate experience & skill, can choose to do stalls spins etc.)

The theory sessions will cover topics such as Active Flying, recognising & coping with emergency situations & reserve deployment.

Pilot requirements:

  • Must be current HGFA membership
  • Must have appropriate tow endorsement and have done some towing within three months of commencement of the SIV
  • Paragliding equipment
  • Reserve parachute repacked within last 6 months

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