Introductory Courses

The best way to experience paragliding is join us on an Introductory Paragliding Course. This is your introduction into the world of paragliding and will have you flying in no time.

1 Day Paragliding Course

Duration – 1 day.

Dates – Available on request.

Price – $395 (including HGFA membership fee).

A typical 1 Day Course would go as follows:

  • 9am: Meet at the Active Flight Paragliding Office (unless alternate arrangements are made) for administration and equipment familiarisation
  • 10am: Travel to training site (approximately ten minutes drive)
  • Learn how to inflate, control and land a paraglider (referred to as ground handling)
  • 1pm: Break for lunch
  • Depending on weather conditions and group preference, the afternoon will consist of a couple of small flights from a 30m training hill or a tandem flight with an instructor. During the tandem paraglide the students will be flying the paraglider.
  • Flight debrief

For further information please contact us.

2 Day Paragliding Course

Duration – 2 days.

Dates –



Price – $650

The 2 Day Course takes you to the next level. It includes your first ‘Solo Flight’.

The first day is the same as the 1 Day Course. On day two weather permitting & student reaching acceptable standard, we conduct solo flights launching from sites from 30m to 500m above ground level.

‘The ultimate thrill!’

SAFA Student membership required.

For further information please contact us.

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