XC Course

The Paragliding XC Course mostly focuses on thermal paragliding and cross country paragliding.  It runs for three days over a five day period. This allows us to look at the forecast and choose the suitable days to maximise our chances of getting great flying days.

The emphasis of the course will be tailored to suit the level of the group. The groups are kept small so all pilots are able to get personal attention.

We meet at the Active Flight Paragliding office at 9am on the Monday morning, unless alternate arrangements are made.


Duration – 3 days over a 5 day period.

Dates – Available on request.

Price – $600.

Provided – Professional instruction, transport to sites, retrieve and video analysis

Required – Pilots are required to bring their own flying equipment, reserve, and a vario is recommended

Group Size: Limited to six pilots.

Topics covered:

  • Equipment setup
  • Active flying (dealing with turbulence)
  • Thermaling techniques
  • Cross country skills
  • Identifying thermal sources
  • Reading clouds
  • Maximising glide ratio
  • Flight track analysis

A typical day would be as follows:

  • Meet at 9am
  • Analyse weather and select the best site for the day
  • Conduct about an hour and a half of theory
  • Drive to the best site for the day
  • Set goals for the day’s flight/s (transport available for reflights if necessary)
  • In the afternoon we regroup for a debrief, view videos and flight track analysis.


For further information please contact us.

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