Paragliding Licence

The Paragliding Licence Course is by far the most popular course we offer.  This course takes you from being a complete beginner, having never touched a paraglider before, through to becoming a licenced novice paraglider pilot. Our small group size allows us to customise training to suit the level of each individual student. During your Paragliding Licence Course we cover inland and coastal conditions. “ The pilot skill level at the completion of the course is well above that required by the HGFA syllabus.” – Fred.

The Course can be split up over a number of weekends.

Course size: Student / Instructor ratio of 3:1

(Our groups are small, many schools run groups of 10+, which makes it hard for the student to get the personal attention required.)

Provided: Professional instruction, transport to sites, all equipment, workbook & video.

Covered during the course:

  • Equipment setup.
  • Launch and landing techniques.
  • Approximately  25 to 30 flights.
  • All relevant theory.
  • Coastal soaring techniques.

A typical day would be as follows:

  • Meet at 8.30am.
  • Analyse weather and select the best site for the day.
  • Flights ranging from 300 to 500m.
  • Theory during the afternoon.
  • Flights and relevant training.
  • Regroup for a debrief of the day’s activities.


Duration: 9 days


22nd Nov 14

3rd Jan 15

31st Jan 15 

28th Feb 15

11th April 15

May 15

Price: $2020 Includes HGFA trainee membership & local club membership.

(Equipment package deals available.)

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